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Concept Nr. 05: Music as organisatori al Principle


(belongs to a series of drawings of indefinite length since 2015)


The fusion between drawing, living, thinking and being is quite inextricable because it implies for me basically two things simultaneously — art as idea and art as action. 

The material condition and visual instance are as important as the

idea that the drawing conveys for the possibility of its (personal and impersonal) consequences. It leads to the agency of the work itself where conceptual ideas may lead to personal moves and vice versa.


The notion of drawing lies for me in its exteriorizing nature and through this becomes a manifestation of an approach to the planetary condition, with the entire cosmos as my library. 


Synchronising the verbal and the visual. I understand drawing not only as a gestural disclosure but also as a certain kind of non-representational, anti-authoritarian documentation of thoughts, processes and ideas which thus becomes an implicit part of visual culture and point of reference.


The density of the image lies in its potentiality. Idea is information (lat. informare-in the sense of to give form to the mind) and as such can be very powerful — apart from its fragile material condition and anti-monumental appearance.


Concept Nr. 05: Music As Organisatori al principle uses two a priorisystems of notation, the alphabet and tonal writing, without a specific interest to be read accordingly. Indeed it doesn’t exactly represent a score (lat. Partitura).


Music and language are both traditionally based in systems of notation, mainly alphabetical and tonal. This doesn’t apply equally to drawing and the creation of images as such, though it can also refer to a repertoire of signs in a priorisystems which are, in principle, codified. This codified nature of images becomes obvious when it comes to digital images, pixels and algorithms in machine language, but it also applies to the manual notation of drawing as a metaphor for the construction of ideas through images.

The notion in this drawing, 

Concept Nr. 05, lies in the density of its information and thus unsettles the image from a totalizing 

understanding of a pure image.


The question remains how to listen to a drawing in order to decodify its principle, by reading as looking or looking as reading?

Madrid, 2017


Published in:


Spring 2017

DOCUMNT 1 can be bought as printed matter or downloaded for free  on their page

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