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The Archive of the Clouds as well known as the International Cloud Archive is an ongoing intent to establish a stable ground through the capturing, collecting and archiving of as many clouds as possible and reflecting on this practice to stimulate a thinking process of our post-contemporary condition of the something more and something less than now.


One of the first clouds collected was viewed on January 18th in the winter of 2017 in Madrid.


Along with collecting the clouds, there is a growing indefinite collection of reports „From The Clouds To Me And Back Again“ I started to write in 2017.

Besides, it inquires the 'archiving condition'.  What interests me about the archive condition is that it usually also includes things that are not visible simultaneously. Therefore, it is challenging to describe, grasp, or record it as a whole because it always consists of separate, independent individual parts/documents, etc. that can continuously change their position, visibility, accessibility, and contextualization.

This International Cloud Archive No 1 is fed from a digital collection of countless/stored / partially viewed and undirected captures of clouds. Recorded between - 2017-2019

The aesthetic element of the International Cloud Archive No 1 is its materiality, time volume, geographical vagueness and iconography - built up by the recording of  'Information' to provide an evidence of the real.


"I condense, therefore
I am" (
proclaims the cloud)

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