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burning questions qs long as i am alive mirjam kroker ceasefirenow.jpg

If a question were a day, I would be millions of light years alive. Questions haunt me as I pursue them throughout my life. We have a chance to ask them questions, but can we really realize their answers? Whenever I try to escape the gravitational pull of one, breaking out of its orbit, at least three others will hit me, I swear before all the stars in the sky. Therefore, I care, carry and simultaneously be carried through the same questions, irrespective of their demands, letting them constantly form the dwelling entity that I compose, of which I see my works of art as an integral part of my being, akin to vital organs that extend beyond my physical self, and my works of art are a reflection of this interconnectedness.

yes_i expect the world to adapt to a better world mirjam kroker from the volume BURNING QU
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