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"..." 2019

mixed media: Epoxy resin plate 75x92x1.9cm, hosting 125 found cards of a botanical collection of  'cactussen' printed on both sides image/text, neon tube lamp, field-recording for a Botanic Album of Cactussen. 

The cards were found during my stay at CULTURELAND.NL, invited to conduct some work in the context of their annual theme "The End of Nature as We Know It".





What Is Plant-thinking? 

Michael Marder from University of the Basque Country & Ikerbasque says: “Plant-thinking” refers, in the same breath, to (1) the non-cognitive, non-ideational, and non-imagistic mode of thinking proper to plants (hence, what I call “thinking without the head”); (2) our thinking about plants; (3) how human thinking is, to some extent, de-humanized and rendered plant- like, altered by its encounter with the vegetal world; and finally, (4) the ongoing symbiotic relation between this transfigured thinking and the existence of plants. A sound philosophy of vegetal life must rely on the combination of these four senses of “plant-thinking,” so as not to dominate (and in dominating, distort) the target of its investigations."

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