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open ended

since 2019

artographic exploration into the density of PLANETARY DOCUMNT DRAWINGS


In response to the urgency imposed by multiple global crises, the planetary-document-drawings emerge as a conceptual and visual exploration. They become a poignant reflection on the challenges faced by those navigating unpredictable access to spaces, such as refugees seeking safety across borders marked by legal and territorial complexities. These drawings encapsulate the profound disparities in opportunities and obstacles dictated by geopolitical power struggles.

The source material for these transformative artworks is extracted from concrete world atlases, tangible repositories of geographical information. These atlases, including renowned publications like the Oxford Atlas of the World, serve as the foundation for the drawings. Deconstructing the pages of these atlases reveals the stark reality of global inequality, emphasizing the arbitrary nature of access and shedding light on the intricate web of legalities that perpetuate disparities.

In essence, the planetary-document-drawings transcend the realm of artistic abstraction, grounding themselves in the concrete realities of geopolitical complexities. They serve as a visual narrative that interrogates the unsustainable nature of imposed borders, offering a profound commentary on the pressing issues of our interconnected world.

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