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What happened to the jungle of materialized memory in time? Where is the cronical or cyclical storage of your very own thinking process? What happens unnoticed, and where is it going? As we know ‘nothing can ever be fully exhausted’. 

"Auto-summarization is pitched as a process of indispensable biographization that will 'reduce the chores involved in making one's life bits worthwhile to others' like the system itself, and particularly the curiously anthropomorphized figure of posterity who 'will be able to browse your e-memories starting from a manageable "birds eye" view of a life, rather than just confronting an intimidating jungle of material.” (CLOUD TIME The Inception of  the Future, Coley and Lockwood, 2012, zero books, p. 79 with footnote  referring to Bell & Gemmel, 2009, TOTAL RECALL, p. 144, p. 145)

"As 'librarian, archivist cartographer, and curator' of our own lives, we enter into an ontological pragmatism, a life-management routine, where everything about ourselves can be 'chronicled, condensed, cross-correlated and plotted out' in order to yield [h]higher productivity and more vitality, longer life spans, deeper and wider knowledge of our world" (Bell & Gemmel, 2009, TOTAL RECALL, p5, p.6, p.8)

What is significant of 'busy with thinking', in a present that some describe as post-biological, where thinking itself is merging more and more with network computing?

Keeping it personally alive?

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