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think like a mountain (video)

is part of a more extensive experimental research that critically questions and examines the dominance of the world's visual perception, towards a sonic dimension and its mutable possibilities.


Within this work I am investigating the synchronization of an invented sound made from field recordings and voice recordings with moving images filmed at various disparate sides - from the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon (Teotihuacán about 40 km northeast of Mexico City), Starnmeer to Estonia's coastal landscape from above, in very low resolution.


Due to the weak density up to the blurring, the images itself become a riddle. The question remains whether the proposed sonic fiction thinking like a mountain synchronized with the picture's low resolution can carry it  to another view that appears where we can't see it?  


An image isn't necessarily the easiest to see and sometimes shows just as much as it conceals and this mutable constitution is adjusted by the density it denies performing here.

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