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Work of Art
(personal definition)

-a composite whole that can change

- it cares about the known and the unknown

- it is something to do with me

-it is something affected by encounters

-it is real

- it is questionable

- it is reasonable 

- it can be "read" with all the available senses

- it can be unfinished

- it may radiate

- it can be understood

- it can be continued at some other time

- at some other place (sometimes)

- it can be forgotten

- it can circulate

- it can be lost

- it can connect

- some parts of it remain invisible

- it can be heterointerpreted

- it can be miss_understood

- it can be disassociated

- something  of it is confidential

- something of it is  foreign

- it may or not may stretch our understanding

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