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... born somewhere on the planet; in the year in which Malaysia and Singapore change their clocks to the same time zone;      the first computer virus is discovered;      Senegal and Gambia found the Senegambia Confederation;      the Sabra and Shatila massacre is committed in the city of Beirut;      the Hama massacre in Syria begins;      the Lebanon War takes place;      there are renewed protests and clashes between demonstrators and the police in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo, and the predominantly Albanian population of Kosovo demands that their autonomous part of the country be detached from its formal affiliation with Serbia and become an independent republic;     the Federal-Länder Commission for Educational Planning in Germany ceases its work due to a lack of funding;     the follow-up meeting of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE) resumes in Madrid;    Helsinki-Metro opens to the public as Finland's first rapid transit system;       Argentinian forces occupy the British Crown Colony of the Falkland Islands, for which Argentina claims sovereignty, prompting the British government to break off diplomatic relations with Argentina and, on 5 April, decide to deploy naval units to the Falkland Islands. the singer Nicole, actually Nicole Hohloch, from Neunkirchen, wins the "Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson" with the song "Ein bißchen Frieden";     Israel returns the Sinai Peninsula completely to Egypt, thus achieving a certain easing of the Middle East conflict;     the second environmental conference of the UN environmental organisation UNEP takes place in Nairobi, attended by representatives from over 130 countries, with an appeal to do more for environmental protection;     the Turkish woman Semra Ertan Bilir burns herself to death in Hamburg in protest against xenophobia in the Federal Republic of Germany;     health warnings on cigarette packets become mandatory in Hong Kong;     the exhibition "Video Art in Germany 1963-1982" at the Kölnischer Kunstverein shows the works of renowned video artists, including Nam June Paik (it is said that this exhibition gives video art museum status for the first time);    a NATO summit meeting is held in Bonn and around 400. 000 to 500,000 people demonstrate for peace in the city;     the Federal Cabinet of the Federal Republic of Germany decides to only grant education grants for students as loans in future;     the US film "E. T - The Extra-Terrestrial" is released in cinemas across Germany;     a powerful earthquake shakes south-west Yemen;     Time magazine names a computer "Man of the Year" for the first time;         the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to the Mexican politician Alfonso Garcia Robles (1911-1991), who initiated the treaty on a nuclear-free zone in Latin America in 1967, and to the Swedish nuclear war expert Alva Myrdal (1902-1986), who campaigned for social justice and disarmament;     it is also the year in which the longest lunar eclipse of the 20th century takes place, with the total duration of the eclipse being one hour. century, with a total duration of 236 minutes.

Considering myself as a semi-nomadic,  planetary citizen of the cosmos, with an academic background in Fine Arts/Culture and Social Anthropology.

I am interested in the process of acquiring, producing, co-producing, adapting, inhabiting, transferring, integrating, reflecting and disseminating different forms of knowing. I approach art-making as situated practice and therefore travel and work at various sites, and sometimes approach research collaboratively and seek to work beyond disciplines.

Interested in embodied criticality I question what can be grasped, the possible agency of a work and the context in which it is placed.

My work has been recognized through various grants and fellowships such as IFA research grant, Austrian Research Society ÖFG, Saxon Scholarship Program, STEP BEYOND travel grant, among others, and supported through international artist-in-residence programs such as cultureland nl, Amsterdam and Örö Island Residency, Finland.

My way of working is multimodal, research-based and extends from sonic recordings, document drawings, video sequences and objects, to working environments and spatial constellations. With a tendency for conceptual ideas and imaginative thinking I address artworks as dispositives to think with all being and the potential to reconfigure small details of reality.

The collaborative efforts of on/off collaboration that I cofounded as a member, to seek to work together beyond geographical limitations while being situated in disparate geographical location were made accessible for a wider public audience by the invitation from the Museum Casa del LAGO in Mexico City in 2016.

Grateful for the recognition of my work through the Caspar David Friedrich Prize 2019  and the Federal Art Prize 'Bunderspreis für Kunststudierende', the support through receiving a Saxon State Scholarship for a period of 2 years (20/21) for the long term research The Universe as Your Library and the World as Your Studio, as well as the generous support through a working grant from Kunstfonds for the porjects hearing times and planetary intuition/contemplation, for the duration of 6 month in 2022.

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