6 Questions Before The Beginning of Somewthing Else

Mirjam Kroker
academic background  in Social and Cultural Anthropology/African Studies (Tübingen/Vienna) & Fine Arts (Dresden/Madrid)


2022: STIFTUNGKUNSTFONDS (work  grant)

2019/21: Saxon State Scholarship Program

2018/19: Deutschlandstipendium

2018: STEP Travel Grant, European Cultural Foundation

2012: Publication Grant, ÖFG Austrian Research Association

2013: IFA research grant, Institute for Foreign Relation



2020: Örö Residency, FI

2019: CULTURELAND Amsterdam/Starnmeer, NL

2018: Kökar Residency, FI

2018: Örö Residency, FI



2019: Caspar David Friedrich Prize

2019: Federal Prize for Art Students



2019/20: The Universe as your Library and the World as Your Studio, Saxon State Scholarship, DE

2020: As Close To The Sea As Possible, Örö Residency, FI

2018: Think Like A Mountain/because colonizing heaven might not be such a good idea (Amsterdam/Starnmeer, Cultureland, NL

since 2016: What does a cloud feel by falling apart?, everywhere

since 2014-2019: ON/OFF collaboration, Play & Game, transnational and interdisciplinary collaboration, off-/online, in collaboration with Carolina Alba (Mexico City); Jimena Mendizabal (Amsterdam), Alejandro Orozco, (Mexico City), Juan Toro, in urban context (Berlin/Dresden/Madrid, Mexico City, Amsterdam), virtual space

2014- 2013: [~] Archive Flâneur, Art and Research project in collaboration with Juan Toro, Berlin, Lviv, Kiev, UA

2013-2012: Postcards and Beyond, in collaboration with Juan Toro, IDBA, Cali, CO

2013: Poiesis and other Languages in Contemporary Aesthetic in Colombia, research project, Cali, Medellin, Bogota, CO

2006-2009: Weltwärtige Künstlerwege (Artists routes towards the World: Artists in the context of the discourses on contemporary art from Africa, the African diaspora and the globalization of visual art)


2022: Encuentros frágiles, AURAL Galería, Alicante, ES

2021: "i" is for thinking, Galerie URSULA WALTER, Dresden, DE

2019: Fieldworks, Caspar David Friedrich Centre, Greifswald, DE

2019: The Intelligent Ear, exhibition & Artist talk based on experimental research, Cultureland, Amsterdam, NL

2016: Juego Puro/Pure Game, exhibition with ON/OFF Collaboration, Casa del Lago, Mexico City, MX

2016: Unsolved Equations Do also Exist, in collaboration with Juan Toro, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, GB

2012: The Dematerialization of the Art Object, exhibition in collaboration with Juan Toro, PzÄ, Berlin, DE

2007: The Many Faces of Africa, Phonetic Art, Club OST, Vienna, AT



2021: SOLO ATTEMPTS, Galerie Stephanie Kelly, curated by Kerstin Flasche, Dresden,  DE

2021: ‘Traversing the unthought’, [‘Atravesando lo impensable’] Judith Egger & Mirjam

Kroker, ARCO E-xhibition projects, AURAL Galería, Online, co-curated by Begoña M. Deltell and Susana Bañuelos

2021: HOY SALÍ A TU ENCUENTRO, ARCO E-xhibition projects, AURAL Galería, Online, curated by Susana Bañuelos

2021 ‘Traversing the unthought’, [‘Atravesando lo impensable’] Judith Egger & Mirjam Kroker, AURAL Galería, Madrid, ES

20/21: Existenz Chapter 2: Traces, Oktogon, curated by Susanne Greinke, HfBK, Dresden

2019:   Federal Prize for Art Students, BUNDESKUNSTHALLE, Bonn, DE

2019:   LIFE SIZE, Vol. II, WESERHALLE, Berlin, DE

2019:   Beautiful Failure/Lighter than Air, Senatssaal, HfBK, Dresden. DE

2019:   LIFE SIZE Vol. I, C. Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts, Dresden, DE

2018:   GRAN COLECTIVO, PANTITLÁN, Sexyland, Amsterdam, Netherlands, NL

2018:   EXISTENZ, Oktogon HfBK Dresden, DE

2018:   Shelter, HfBK Dresden, DE

2017:   Remembering the Future, HfBK, Dresden, DE

2013:   Escenarios de Mujer, Galeria Luz y Ofcios. Habana, CU


2020: Six Questions Before The Beginning Of Something Else, Handcrit, Madrid/Dresden

2017: Music as Organisatori_al Principle. In: DOCUMNT 1, Spring, Berlin.

2016: Collectivity as a figure of thought. In: Catalog of the Exhibition, ON/OFF Collectivity and Collaboration, Mexico City

2016: RED COLUMN, No. 3, Vol.1, June. A Fan Publication of Art, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Eds. Mirjam Kroker & Juan Toro. Published by Projekte fürZeitgenössische Ästhetik in cooperation with Museum Casa del Lago, Mexico City

2014: Red COLUMN, No. 2. Vol. 1, October. A Fan Publication of Art, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Eds. Mirjam Kroker & Juan Toro. Published by Projekte für Zeitgenössische Ästhetik, Berlin

2013: WELTWÄRTIGE KÜNSTLER_WEGE Im Kontext der Diskurse über zeitgenössische Kunst aus Afrika, der afrikanischen Diaspora und der Globalisierung visueller Kunst (LIT Verlag), Berlin, ISBN: 9783643504760



2012: CONTEMPORARY ART of AUST[ria][af]RICA. Notes on 'ARTIST_TRAILS TOWARDS THE WORLD, Institute for Art History, University FU, Berlin, DE

Artist talk & Video intervention with Mara Niang, DEPOT, Place for Art and Discussion, Vienna, AT


2014-2019: Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, HfBK, Dresden

2016-2017: Fine Arts, University of Antonio Nebrija, Madrid

2004-20011: Cultural- and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna

2003-2004: Ethnology, Eberhardt Karls University, Tübingen



•BBK (Professional association of artists in Berlin/Berufsverband Bildender  Künstler*innen Berlin)

•EASA (The European Association of Social Anthropologists)



since 2014: On/Of collaboration

2012-2019: Projekte für Zeitgenössische Ästhetik


2021 ARCO Madrid, AURAL Galería

2022 ARCO Madrid, AURAL Galería


  • Bundeskunstsammlung (Collection of Contemporary Art of the Federal Republic of Germany)

  • SKD (Dresden State Art Collections)