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 travesías infinitos y corrientes intemporales/ infinite crossings & timeless currents,  2019-2024

travesías infinitas y corrientes intemporales/infinite crossings & timeless currents is an installation that challenges the stigmatization of migration by asserting that "the past," "the present," and "the future" are inherently migratory. The piece declares, "the future is migrant," which challenges the barriers and systemic inequities imposed by nation-states, perpetuating unequal treatment of the right to migrate and the unfulfilled rights of all inhabitants for equal rights to cross borders. The installation features carrier objects with narrow apertures, each with a phrase "Occupado Pensando" (Occupied Thinking) repeating itself. These objects suggest an interior space concealed from view , inviting the recipient to imagine its contents and contemplate its im_possibilities. Each object is inscribed with a letter from the statement "the future is migrant." The artwork urges a reexamination of the "migration narrative," advocating for its recognition as a fundamental, enriching, and legitimate aspect of human existence. Shifting the narrative from "the future is female" to "the future is migrant" desires to amplify our understanding of migration, integrating it into multiple and pluriversal narratives of the present and future. The piece celebrates in resisting to highlight the inherent strength, energy, and experience associated with the migratory process, encapsulating and radiating  a power that no one can remove or stop.

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