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Title: 6 Questions Before The Beginning Of Something Else

© 2020 produced, saved and crafted by HANDKRIT

First edition of the unlimited and freely available online version

All rights reserved, especially publishing the interview for non-commercial purposes.

Special edition of the interview, inquired by Kim Engelen in spring 2020, during the lockdown in Spain.

Questions No. 1-5 were asked by Engelen. No. 6 should be proposed by myself. The idea behind No. 6 was to offer the person asked a 'wild card', considering that the questions of an interviewer often relate first to the interest or understanding of the person formulating the questions, which does not always correspond to the one who is asked. However, it will remain unanswered and I will pass it on to you as the reader.


Book desing, cover 2 oversite. mirjam Kr
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